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The following pictures are of the recent tragedy that occurred in Japan.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Further Work In Japan + Olivia Newton John - Elle Macpherson

Dear friends of GPOP,
We are back in Japan after a couple of weeks in North America doing fund raising through the Modern Mystery School and other means. We have raised around $200,000 dollars in 2 weeks and we are pleased with that. We want to thank the people of the world, we had over 20 nations gathered in Toronto Canada for the annual meetings of the MMS and they all donated to the max with both tuition and other means. GPOP was the main mission and everyone there knew that. An army of a few hundred people are ready to go into the world and become Humanitarians!

A lot has been done in Japan while we were gone, several trips have taken place with targeted goods to areas and we have also started to send true relief help in the form of healers and counselors. This service has been very well taken and we have had several trips arranged by GPOP but under the supervision of the Shamballah Tribal Community Japan. ( They have brought the people some help by doing Reiki healing, massage and spiritual non religious counseling.

We will now purchase a second vehicle and set more motion into target areas that are still in need of help. We have a more clear picture of what is needed now and we are working with some other amazing humanitarians as well such as Dwayne at Rescue Japan, Tracy at the Pink Cow and Kelly Williams from Rain in Eden. We are going to organize some fund raising events now in Japan and we are hoping to do one every month starting in May or June. The main producer for these is Suzuki Shinya san from WAON Productions who has been the main GPOP Producer for the last few years and is the most professional person we have ever seen.

I am very excited to announce that in August at the Golden Pyramid of Peace Peace Village @ Iyashi Fair in Tokyo, we will have a large fund raising event packed with stars. Every year we have had over 40,000 people show up in the two day event at Tokyo Big Site and this year we are so proud to announce that we have booked Olivia Newton John and Sunplaza Nakano kun to entertain. More are coming! We are just firming up some other major artists at this time and it will be a moment to remember!

We are also excited to have the super model Elle Macpherson join our cause as she has just donated womens underwear which we will get to the afflicted area as soon as possible. She might also be appearing at the Golden Pyramid of Peace Peace Village at the Iyashi Fair in August.

We hope that you continue to support us as I know you are all good people. There are many who are wanting to come to us and help in person and we do appreciate that but that is a logistical problem as well as we would have to house you etc. That would cut into the budget, this is not a country where we can put people on the sofa, there are usually not any living rooms in Japanese flats or space is very limited. At the moment we have a lot of help things are moving well at this point.

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason.