Media | The Disaster In Japan

The following pictures are of the recent tragedy that occurred in Japan.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The War Zone!

Dear fellow Peace lovers,
I am sorry that we have not kept you all up to date on things for the last 3 months, the simple fact is that we have been too busy over here in Japan saving lives. Our fundraising events have also been keeping us very busy since last April and we have done several large events. First was our Toronto event in April that brought hundreds of people and we raised around $200,000 dollars for Japan. Then we did the same event in May over here in Japan, Tokyo and again we saw hundreds of people show up and we raised this time over $200,000 dollars for our relieve efforts.

In July we had a gathering of Humanitarians from around the world here in Japan and we went to the Shima area for that. There we trained people for free to become Good Humanitarians and how to act under the Banner of Compassion! Then in August we did our largest event ever where 40,000 people showed up to see the Golden Pyramid of Peace: PEACE VILLAGE and help us raise funds for Japan. One week after that we were in Sendai, right in the middle of the affected area and we did a whole day of healing. We brought our medical staff and they did check for radiation and then our healers, anything from traditional massage to Reiki healing was offered for FREE! Hundreds of people from the affected area showed up and where helped by our team. Those who showed up all got free Kelp to help them fight the radiation and the women got free underwear donated by Elle Macpherson and others. So as you can see we have been busy doing what we do!

The disaster in Northern Japan, called Tohoku area is so devastating that most people cant believe it. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything and now, that the dust is settling, we are seeing the devastation that has hit the economy, the infrastructure of the area etc. People have no jobs, the companies that paid them salary are gone, literally gone! So our work at GPOP has been redirected into several other areas, such as support for the economy in ways of fundraising, creating new jobs, rebuilding the houses etc.

The work we are doing now is therefore multifaceted and our staff has created a good system where as we can meet this demand. Let me try to bring you into the picture so you can see how you can help as well.

1. General help with supplies. The fact is that the people if Tohoku still need such basic things are food and water. Many are suffering from this lack we try to send our trucks as much as we can. They also need other things such as refrigerators, electrical generators, electrical appliances, gas stoves, bicycles and more. Donations are not helping more then perhaps 40% of the need to we spend our own money to purchase these items and send them up to the needy!

2. Fundraising Events! We have now done some very successful events to raise funds and we are now stepping that up. We have a lot of celebrities who are interested in working with us, both domestic and foreign and we are now planning several events, both in Tohoku area and also in Tokyo.

3. Rebuilding of Tohoku. We are now in contact with several interested people, both public and government, that are wanting us to help with the re-building of Tohoku area. The need is for 350,000 new houses but the Japanese Government only has a budget for building around 50,000 new houses because of the cost of one house. However we have been showing them how we can build a Geodesic Dome house, complete with electricity, plumbing and interior for bathroom and kitchen for 1/3 of the normal price and we can build it within 2 weeks. This is a cheap, smart and extremely green solution as these Domes houses are all solar and wind powered! We have started negotiation with Japanese Government on these matters.

4. Cooperation with other NPO`s. We have also started working with other NPO`s such as Rescue Japan under the guidance of Dwayne Wayne. This cooperation is going very good as they specialize in locating the need and we do most of the delivery. This has been a very successful system and we are happy that we can target the right people whit the right stuff! We have also found several others here both French, Australian and other nations who are assisting in the area.

So as you can see we are busy doing what we do, serving the people of Northern Japan. I hope you understand what an incredible need there is and that you can help us. We need help big time and these people need us to be there for them. Please donate, please come to Japan and help us, just help us help them!

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason.