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The following pictures are of the recent tragedy that occurred in Japan.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fukushima Food and Fun Festival!

A free Earth and Dippers, wow!

Dear reader,
here we are again and the more busy we get the more we realize how tragic the situation is in Northern Japan. This last weekend we went up to Fukushima, Iwaki City and we did a Food and Fun Festival with around 300 people who are all living in shelters. Now these shelters are not much to brag over, in fact they are just shipping containers with one window on one side and a door on the other. This is cold and tells the people that they are not worth being considered humans, more like a thing, a product they dont know what to do with.

However, our mission accomplished one thing, we got them to SMILE! and according to our host there, Mr Sawaii san who is the Principle of a high school, he had not seen them smile for a very long time. So we left Tokyo early on Saturday morning and we got to Iwaki City and it was raining. The festival was supposed to be outside but it was windy and rainy to we moved to an abandoned warehouse that had gotten destroyed by the tsunami. We were only a few meters from the ocean in this place as you can see from the photos.

Eiko unloading the GPOP truck with Jamie from Helping Hands For Japan.

This mission was a united mission between Golden Pyramid of Peace (GPOP) and Rescue Japan under the leadership of Dwayne Wayne and Midori Inoue San who were amazing. We also got some help from smaller NPO`s that assisted us and we were grateful for those helping hands. One such was Jamie El-Banna from Helping Hands For Japan, a UK based NPO and Michael Connolly from Foreign Volunteers Japan and a few others. Out GPOP team was headed by Miyuki Sugihara san who did an amazing job in coordinating the efforts we needed to get done.

Dwayne Wayne the DJ man, getting ready to play some music.

Naoko Okazaki from GPOP and Midori Inoue from Rescue Japan.

We set up early that morning when we got there and then started handing out food and we did childrens activities and then we handed out clothing and other supplies that they might need such as dippers and sterilizers. At the end of the festival we did a lottery with some items that we had specially gathered for this, such as 2 Ipods. This was handed out to the winners of Scissors, Rock and Paper game and this got everyone very excited. We had success as our goal was to make these people feel that someone cares and that there is hope.

Our next event is on December 24th, Christmas and we are doing it then for over 1000 people. Everyone gets a gift from Santa and we have a BIG Christmas tree. We are also going to do a lottery for a permanent Dome Home that I am giving to someone in Fukushima. This is a 200 square meter house with everything ready to go. It is earthquake and hurricane proof. We have a lot of media for this event and some celebrities have said that they are coming. These people are suffering, they lost everything and have been put into these gray boxes to survive until someone rescues them from their misery. We will do what we can for them and much as we can to help them re-gain hope and take action towards a brighter future.

Please continue your support, it has meant a lot for us and this Christmas, please give so we can help them more. These people need us now!

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason and the GPOP Team.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The War Zone!

Dear fellow Peace lovers,
I am sorry that we have not kept you all up to date on things for the last 3 months, the simple fact is that we have been too busy over here in Japan saving lives. Our fundraising events have also been keeping us very busy since last April and we have done several large events. First was our Toronto event in April that brought hundreds of people and we raised around $200,000 dollars for Japan. Then we did the same event in May over here in Japan, Tokyo and again we saw hundreds of people show up and we raised this time over $200,000 dollars for our relieve efforts.

In July we had a gathering of Humanitarians from around the world here in Japan and we went to the Shima area for that. There we trained people for free to become Good Humanitarians and how to act under the Banner of Compassion! Then in August we did our largest event ever where 40,000 people showed up to see the Golden Pyramid of Peace: PEACE VILLAGE and help us raise funds for Japan. One week after that we were in Sendai, right in the middle of the affected area and we did a whole day of healing. We brought our medical staff and they did check for radiation and then our healers, anything from traditional massage to Reiki healing was offered for FREE! Hundreds of people from the affected area showed up and where helped by our team. Those who showed up all got free Kelp to help them fight the radiation and the women got free underwear donated by Elle Macpherson and others. So as you can see we have been busy doing what we do!

The disaster in Northern Japan, called Tohoku area is so devastating that most people cant believe it. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything and now, that the dust is settling, we are seeing the devastation that has hit the economy, the infrastructure of the area etc. People have no jobs, the companies that paid them salary are gone, literally gone! So our work at GPOP has been redirected into several other areas, such as support for the economy in ways of fundraising, creating new jobs, rebuilding the houses etc.

The work we are doing now is therefore multifaceted and our staff has created a good system where as we can meet this demand. Let me try to bring you into the picture so you can see how you can help as well.

1. General help with supplies. The fact is that the people if Tohoku still need such basic things are food and water. Many are suffering from this lack we try to send our trucks as much as we can. They also need other things such as refrigerators, electrical generators, electrical appliances, gas stoves, bicycles and more. Donations are not helping more then perhaps 40% of the need to we spend our own money to purchase these items and send them up to the needy!

2. Fundraising Events! We have now done some very successful events to raise funds and we are now stepping that up. We have a lot of celebrities who are interested in working with us, both domestic and foreign and we are now planning several events, both in Tohoku area and also in Tokyo.

3. Rebuilding of Tohoku. We are now in contact with several interested people, both public and government, that are wanting us to help with the re-building of Tohoku area. The need is for 350,000 new houses but the Japanese Government only has a budget for building around 50,000 new houses because of the cost of one house. However we have been showing them how we can build a Geodesic Dome house, complete with electricity, plumbing and interior for bathroom and kitchen for 1/3 of the normal price and we can build it within 2 weeks. This is a cheap, smart and extremely green solution as these Domes houses are all solar and wind powered! We have started negotiation with Japanese Government on these matters.

4. Cooperation with other NPO`s. We have also started working with other NPO`s such as Rescue Japan under the guidance of Dwayne Wayne. This cooperation is going very good as they specialize in locating the need and we do most of the delivery. This has been a very successful system and we are happy that we can target the right people whit the right stuff! We have also found several others here both French, Australian and other nations who are assisting in the area.

So as you can see we are busy doing what we do, serving the people of Northern Japan. I hope you understand what an incredible need there is and that you can help us. We need help big time and these people need us to be there for them. Please donate, please come to Japan and help us, just help us help them!

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tokyo Shelters and Northern Tohoku Mission

A little girl turned to her mom and asked: "Mom, they let our dog die because they left him in the earthquake area, does that mean that they will leave us to die too"? The mom had no answer and continued to feed her child the instant Cup Noodles that the had been their only food for the last 2 months. Then the girl said: "Mom, if we die then at least we can join dad in heaven, I miss him"!

We here at GPOP have been so busy lately as the work has twisted and turned to a new direction. The Japanese Government has made some decisions that make no sense to us but they have been made and a lot of people are suffering from them. Shelters in the Tohoku area have been closed down, perhaps it makes them look good that they do that BUT they send those people to shelters in other areas such as Tokyo. However they are without all things, no money, no food and not a job! So we went to one shelter located at a Youth Hostel in Idabashi, Tokyo. There about 30 souls, most of them old people were living on on instant food and tap water. So we have now established a steady flow of food and water and set up refrigerators for the fresh fruits and vegetables that we deliver twice per week. These people are very happy that someone cares for them and are confused that it was a Gajin or a foreigner that came and made this happen. We hope that the Japanese Government takes better care of their people!

 We also found out that as they close the shelters many people up in the afflicted area are now without food. A shelter closes down and then the people have to go home to their houses that often are not livable. One older lady was sleeping on the floor in her house that had no electricity and no heat. She had no functional kitchen and had to sleep on the floor with a brick as a pillow, she did put a towel on the brick. These kinds of stories are now heard all over and we are going to Iwate area this weekend on a 3 day mission to make sure what is needed and establish permanent delivery to these areas. We are bringing 3 trucks, one with just electrical equipment and two with food and cloths. It is hard to imagine what these people are going through, the lack of EVERYTHING and their lives taken away. They have no jobs and no home, everything has been taken from them and it does not seem that anyone is coming to help from either Government nor the big help organizations. Up there are mostly small help groups that have been organized by individuals that just want to help, and most of of them are run by foreigners.                

 The mission this weekend is in cooperation with Rescue Japan and Dwayne Wayne who has been the driving force in finding these problem areas. Our cooperation is now expanding to other groups who care and we just bonded with a French organization. It is interesting how many foreigners are actually helping the Tohoku victims and we are not letting it go, we will stay and fight for them no matter what! Please keep supporting us with what  you can, we need so much help to help these people. Please remember that every dime you give will go to those people. We use our own money to pay for gas in the vehicles that go up and we have all volunteers to work with us, no one gets paid, they even pay for their own accommodations and food.

In Services,

Gudni Gudnason.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Further Work In Japan + Olivia Newton John - Elle Macpherson

Dear friends of GPOP,
We are back in Japan after a couple of weeks in North America doing fund raising through the Modern Mystery School and other means. We have raised around $200,000 dollars in 2 weeks and we are pleased with that. We want to thank the people of the world, we had over 20 nations gathered in Toronto Canada for the annual meetings of the MMS and they all donated to the max with both tuition and other means. GPOP was the main mission and everyone there knew that. An army of a few hundred people are ready to go into the world and become Humanitarians!

A lot has been done in Japan while we were gone, several trips have taken place with targeted goods to areas and we have also started to send true relief help in the form of healers and counselors. This service has been very well taken and we have had several trips arranged by GPOP but under the supervision of the Shamballah Tribal Community Japan. ( They have brought the people some help by doing Reiki healing, massage and spiritual non religious counseling.

We will now purchase a second vehicle and set more motion into target areas that are still in need of help. We have a more clear picture of what is needed now and we are working with some other amazing humanitarians as well such as Dwayne at Rescue Japan, Tracy at the Pink Cow and Kelly Williams from Rain in Eden. We are going to organize some fund raising events now in Japan and we are hoping to do one every month starting in May or June. The main producer for these is Suzuki Shinya san from WAON Productions who has been the main GPOP Producer for the last few years and is the most professional person we have ever seen.

I am very excited to announce that in August at the Golden Pyramid of Peace Peace Village @ Iyashi Fair in Tokyo, we will have a large fund raising event packed with stars. Every year we have had over 40,000 people show up in the two day event at Tokyo Big Site and this year we are so proud to announce that we have booked Olivia Newton John and Sunplaza Nakano kun to entertain. More are coming! We are just firming up some other major artists at this time and it will be a moment to remember!

We are also excited to have the super model Elle Macpherson join our cause as she has just donated womens underwear which we will get to the afflicted area as soon as possible. She might also be appearing at the Golden Pyramid of Peace Peace Village at the Iyashi Fair in August.

We hope that you continue to support us as I know you are all good people. There are many who are wanting to come to us and help in person and we do appreciate that but that is a logistical problem as well as we would have to house you etc. That would cut into the budget, this is not a country where we can put people on the sofa, there are usually not any living rooms in Japanese flats or space is very limited. At the moment we have a lot of help things are moving well at this point.

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Fukushima Mission

Hey ya all,
as you know the radiation problem in the Fukushima area is getting worse and many fishermen and others have lost their jobs due to these problems. Not only that, the area is devastated because of the earthquake and tsunami for several reasons:

1. The Earthquake shock the earth so harshly that most structures are ruined and need to be rebuilt. Most houses, even though they are standing still need to be torn down and rebuilt since their structural integrity is compromised. We at the Golden Pyramid of Peace have given the Japanese Government suggestions to how they can rebuild the area with dome houses that are fast to build and cost a fraction of the cost of normal houses. We are in negotiations now!

2. The Tsunami swept through the land taking with it most things in its way, ripping houses from their foundations and crawling into buildings to clean them out from the inside. One person was in their office and saw his house that was across the street being hit by the water and he thought to him self: My family is on the second floor, they will be ok. But the water went up to the second floor and swept his family away in front of him throwing them out the windows on the second floor into the hurling madness outside, never to be seen again.

Here we need to re-culture the land and start over from scratch with a whole new society with a new way of looking at a town or city. The land that the farmers farmed is going to be ruined for hundreds of years as there is so much salt in the ground now, nothing will grow there. The option of removing the top soil and put down new dirt is not viable as we are talking about a lot of land. We at the Golden Pyramid of Peace are creating plans for these people to be reeducated for another way of income so that they dont have to move out of the area. We are negotiating with several people about bringing more business into the area that will give people an income.

We hope that our efforts will be fruitful and benefit the people of Japan. We continue to do our best for them.

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

GPOP Save Japan LIVE

Hey guys,
finally we have a blog for our efforts in Japan. The reason for this blog is to show people the human side of this tragedy as we at the Golden Pyramid of Peace are in close connection with the people in the afflicted area. We run small trucks into this area with food, water and other things that people need, at great risk to our own health. But we do not let that stop us and as we do this we get to know the people face to face. We see what is going good and what is not going so good in that area. We also know exactly what is needed as the people get different things but perhaps not what they need. This is how we can target our efforts to maximize the help!

We hope that you like this blog and will follow us often as we will let you follow us through our work both via U-Stream and other means. We will post many photos and videos for you to see what we see in the field.

In Service

Gudni Gudnason
Founder of the Golden Pyramid of Peace.