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The following pictures are of the recent tragedy that occurred in Japan.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Fukushima Mission

Hey ya all,
as you know the radiation problem in the Fukushima area is getting worse and many fishermen and others have lost their jobs due to these problems. Not only that, the area is devastated because of the earthquake and tsunami for several reasons:

1. The Earthquake shock the earth so harshly that most structures are ruined and need to be rebuilt. Most houses, even though they are standing still need to be torn down and rebuilt since their structural integrity is compromised. We at the Golden Pyramid of Peace have given the Japanese Government suggestions to how they can rebuild the area with dome houses that are fast to build and cost a fraction of the cost of normal houses. We are in negotiations now!

2. The Tsunami swept through the land taking with it most things in its way, ripping houses from their foundations and crawling into buildings to clean them out from the inside. One person was in their office and saw his house that was across the street being hit by the water and he thought to him self: My family is on the second floor, they will be ok. But the water went up to the second floor and swept his family away in front of him throwing them out the windows on the second floor into the hurling madness outside, never to be seen again.

Here we need to re-culture the land and start over from scratch with a whole new society with a new way of looking at a town or city. The land that the farmers farmed is going to be ruined for hundreds of years as there is so much salt in the ground now, nothing will grow there. The option of removing the top soil and put down new dirt is not viable as we are talking about a lot of land. We at the Golden Pyramid of Peace are creating plans for these people to be reeducated for another way of income so that they dont have to move out of the area. We are negotiating with several people about bringing more business into the area that will give people an income.

We hope that our efforts will be fruitful and benefit the people of Japan. We continue to do our best for them.

In Service,

Gudni Gudnason

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  1. Gudni and Eiko and friends
    It is one thing to "talk the talk" about peace and unconditional love. It is far greater to embody and share one's gifts. Thank you to each of you who are "walking the walk" alongside so many whose lives have been affected by the earthquakes, tsunami and resulting conditions. You are an example to us all! With Love and Gratitude, Marigrace (Friend from Lake Biwa Water ceremony and Hado School)