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The following pictures are of the recent tragedy that occurred in Japan.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

GPOP Save Japan LIVE

Hey guys,
finally we have a blog for our efforts in Japan. The reason for this blog is to show people the human side of this tragedy as we at the Golden Pyramid of Peace are in close connection with the people in the afflicted area. We run small trucks into this area with food, water and other things that people need, at great risk to our own health. But we do not let that stop us and as we do this we get to know the people face to face. We see what is going good and what is not going so good in that area. We also know exactly what is needed as the people get different things but perhaps not what they need. This is how we can target our efforts to maximize the help!

We hope that you like this blog and will follow us often as we will let you follow us through our work both via U-Stream and other means. We will post many photos and videos for you to see what we see in the field.

In Service

Gudni Gudnason
Founder of the Golden Pyramid of Peace.

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  1. Dear Gudni,

    My company in Sweden can donate fresh spring water coming from one of the best sources in this world. We are packaging the water in bag in box packages of 10L each and the boxes are easy to transport. We can give away a large quantity off water but we can offer freight. So if you find a freight company willing to contribute we are ready to go. More about the water as you speak Swedish at:
    Sincerely yours,

    Julian Rosengren
    Global Water International